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Partnering with High School and College Students to

Maximize their Potential

Supporting Academic Goals

Does your child struggle to complete work on time? Do they stare out the window instead of starting homework? Do they forget about assignments until the last minute? Do they need college readiness support?

Many students have challenges in the areas of executive functioning that impact their life, affect their progress, and diminish their overall academic confidence. Oftentimes, a student's grades will reflect not their knowledge of a subject, but their ability to turn in homework assignments or prepare for tests. 

Executive Functioning Coaching is a collaboration and partnership with a student that can:

  • Create self-awareness and education around strengths and challenges

  • Explore strength-based learning strategies and skills

  • Identify self-regulation challenges that interfere with executive control

  • Refine organizational and time management systems for better efficiency

  • Utilize various tools to help create customized strategies that support new habits and systems

  • Build problem-solving skills with solution-oriented mindsets

  • Support partnering with parents, teachers and specialists to reinforce solutions

  • Provide opportunities to practice skills and move towards independence and self-sufficiency 

  • Build resilience to navigate daily obstacles that can interfere with efficiency 

  • Support self-monitoring skills that keep student on track towards achieving life goals

College Readiness

A little support can go a long way for students in transition. Whether your high school student needs wrap-around support to prepare for college, simply application guidance, or somewhere in between, I can help!

  • Creating schedules for application completion

  • Supporting college task completion

  • Setting accountability and follow-through procedure

College Readiness (White text).png

  • Essay development

  • Essay editing

College Readiness (White text).png

  • Life skills development

  • Executive functioning advancement

  • Experiential EF growth through problem solving

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