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What My Clients Say

“I am so grateful to Sandy for providing loving, positive and effective EF support for my high school-aged son.  She took the time to really understand my son's unusual academic environment and tailored her support and tools to meet his needs, and adjusted her approach over time based on his feedback and by observing what was working and what wasn't.  As my son slowly gained confidence she increasingly shifted the responsibilities to him to assess his own progress and to tailor his organizational tools so he could become more independent.  She gave lots of positive feedback, celebrating even the smallest achievements.  Sandy is also such a kind and positive person, and honestly supported me as much as my son by genuinely listening to my concerns, providing helpful suggestions and by being so reassuring.  My relationship with my son improved tremendously without the academic battles, and I felt confident that he was in good hands with Sandy.  My son did extremely well academically, a dramatic improvement, and I couldn't be happier.”

Nora, Parent

"Sandy’s charismatic, empathetic, matter-of-fact approach allowed our son to feel comfortable. She listened and asked thoughtful questions that built trust and encouraged honest assessment and reflection on what worked, or didn’t, and why. Sandy offered tools and strategies that were tailored to our son’s needs and compatible with his style and preferences. Goals and clear objectives were set, with the understanding that each week’s plan was a work in progress. Sandy’s knowledge and inexhaustible try, try, again attitude helped our son develop skills and strategies to reign in stress, be more organized, and find success in reaching his goals. Sandy continues to work her magic for our family— she’s coaching our two other children — and we’re grateful to have found her!"

Michele, Parent

Laxmi, Client

“I have learned a lot from our appointments in the past year and gained many abilities that I fully expect to carry into college. Thank you for giving me the tools and helping me build the habits I needed in order to succeed in the next four years of my life.”

Justin, Client

“When my family and I first started working with Ms. Reader, she was so helpful with getting me started on my college application process. She was always there to provide a helping hand and guide me through the process. She really coached me through essays and application websites. Her supervision and insight was immensely helpful and valuable. She worked with me and my family through the process and always used a very open style of communication. She is very honest, helpful, and truly wants the best for all of her clients. She is very flexible and tailors her coaching style to each individual client. I highly recommend going with Ms. Reader for your EF coaching needs!”

Laxmi, Client

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