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For individuals who struggle with executive functioning in their lives, I use an integrated approach of coaching, mentoring and support for my clients. With an EF lens, I look at the unique needs of my clients and together we design customized strategies that help them strengthen these essential skills needed to meet their life goals. 

Through coaching I can help individuals build a foundation of self-awareness that helps them identify core values and call out fixed mindsets that may be barriers to their progress. By providing mentoring, clients can recognize areas of executive functioning that either need refining or further development. Together, we can identify and build their own unique toolbox of skills to support their goals and create a solid EF foundation for the future. In some instances, my clients are dealing with challenges like SLD, ADHD, Autism, or Anxiety. These can significantly impact an individual’s executive functioning. I provide support for families as they advocate for services or accommodations through the 504 or IEP processes.

"Sandy offered tools and strategies that were tailored to our son’s needs and compatible with his style and preferences."

        Michele, Parent

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