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Partnering with Parents to Bridge Understanding, Communication and

the Creation of Successful Support Systems.

Support Based Parenting:

Learning to Empower your Child

Is it hard to understand why you child does not seem to be progressing the way they need to? Do you find yourself in battles with your child each day over homework, grades and time management? Not sure how you can support your child from day to day? As a parent of a child who struggles with executive functioning, I have faced the same challenges and bring my experience and expertise to struggling families. I understand the difficulty of providing support for your child while trying to build independence and self sufficiency. 


Through executive functioning coaching with your child, you can:


  • Develop a deeper understanding of your child’s strengths and challenges

  • Establish a level of trust for each other and for the coaching process

  • Empower your child's voice and cultivate their self worth

  • Lay out clear expectations for your child and manage the surrounding communication

  • Create support systems for you and your child that provide opportunities for self-sufficiency and independence

  • Decide when to reach out for school support and how to advocate for your child

  • Grow your knowledge of the 504 and/or IEP process, your role in it, and your support options

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