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Hi! I'm Coach Reader. And EF stands for Executive Functioning.

Hi! I'm Coach Reader.  And EF stands for Executive Functioning.

I am an ICF certified life coach, specializing in the kinds of executive functioning (EF) challenges that can affect high school and college students, as well as young adults launching into life. My clients often deal with specific learning disabilities (SLD), ADD/ADHD, Autism or mental health challenges that adversely affect their ability to organize, plan and initiate tasks from day to day. These skills are essential for students to achieve success, both in school and life. I use an integrated approach of coaching, mentoring and support to build customized strategies that empower my clients to strengthen these essential skills needed to meet their life goals


“I have learned a lot from our appointments in the past year and gained many abilities that I fully expect to carry into college. Thank you for giving me the tools and helping me build the habits." 

           - Justin, Client

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